Lesley captivated 160 plus of our members with her inspirational presentation. For 45 minutes she took us on her journey from stressed senior manager to private pilot, en route telling us how she used classic business strategies to overcome both her fears and the obstacles, the only sound in the room being Lesley’s voice. She told her story with passion and humour and accompanied it with outstanding pictures. We would be more than happy to have Lesley back to hear more of her stories as she has the knack of making her audience feel part of the story.

Martin C.
Past President
Escarpment Probus Club.


Lesley I loved your talk!!! You are a strong motivational speaker who left everyone in the room feeling uplifted!

Karen M. September, 2017


Lesley Page was the featured guest speaker at our monthly Probus Club meeting this morning. The feedback from our members was very enthusiastic. Everyone enjoyed her interesting and entertaining story about how she obtained her private pilot license. Her presentation detailed how she used some of her management skills to help overcome fears and obstacles. She has a great ability to mix humour with tales of some breath taking experiences. And she provides a lot of great photos of her various journeys as she tells her stories, including the famous “$100 hamburger” flights.

An inspirational, entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable presentation, capped off with an excellent Q&A session at the end. Thank you Lesley!

Mike Mills, VP & Speaker Chair
Lighthouse Probus Club, Collingwood, October 27, 2016


Lesley presented us with an amusing but dynamic story of her unusual change of life experience….. She entertained us with stories of her work with young girls where she uses free flights and informal chats to emphasize the opportunities for girls to think outside the box, part of a world-wide endeavour……Well spoken, well illustrated, well received.  We enjoyed our experience with Leslie.


At our last meeting we had Lesley Page visit with us and her topic was “Life is too Short to be a Passenger”.
Her story is about her journey from burned out corporate executive to an award winning private pilot. The presentation was breath-taking no pun intended, and how she conquered her fears of flying and overcame many obstacles in her endeavours.
Lesley has spoken to a number of clubs and a lot of members approached me after stating how excellent she presented her case.

Cliff White, PROBUS Aurora, February, 2016


Lesley Page was an interesting and accomplished speaker at our March 2015 Durham West Probus meeting.  Our members enjoyed her presentation on the topic ‘On Becoming a Pilot’.

Before starting her journey, Lesley had a fear of flying but she had a dream.  She developed a strategy for overcoming fears, a skill set we could apply to our own aversions.  She became an accomplished pilo

t and showed us, through visual presentations, the many adventures and satisfactions that achievement has brought her.

Lesley has won awards for her work encouraging women and youth to follow their dreams and win their pilot’s license. Through her work with The Institute for Women of Aviation and the Young Eagles she spreads the idea that ‘life is too short to be a passenger’.

Ms Page would make an inspiring and entertaining speaker for your Probus Club.

Gord M., Durham West Probus Club. March, 2015


February, 2015

Lesley.  I was delighted to be able to thank you for your presentation to our Men’s Probus Club of Newmarket February 18th.  Throughout I couldn’t help but think how natural and comfortable you were in your delivery – nothing rote about it.  It was informative, entertaining and very interesting.  As I said, in your other life in marketing you must have been a delight to have as a boss, colleague and employee.  As a “flyer” your message is surely contagious, especially for the younger generation as you direct it primarily to youth and younger women.  As a male passenger I would be totally at ease with you in the pilot’s seat.  As we go through life we should be having fun along the way and you know how to mix pleasure with seriousness i.e. the higher you go the more relaxed you become (following liftoff!).

I appreciate the ladies among us and respect their femininity.  I would need a video of your actions to highlight those characteristics to which I refer.  Wonderful.  Thank you Lesley.  The Women’s Probus Club Newmarket is in for a real treat in August.

Ron A



September 2014

Lesley Page presented to our Swan Lake PROBUS Club recently and was a huge success with our best turnout of members yet – about 150!  Lesley’s photos, her power point emphasis on the challenges of flying, and the aerial photos were a wonderful addition to the information she shared about her enthusiasm for flying and the successes along the way motivating others to become pilots. Her talk was interspersed with humour – always appreciated in a speaker! The “Q and A” time was lively. Lesley answered all the questions that members had – and there were many! A thoroughly satisfying program.
Bev S.


March, 2014. Keynote Speaker at Family Transition Place Annual Fundraiser

Lesley’s passion for her life story comes out with sincerity and charm.

Her motivation to help women and children get interested in aviation is inspiring.

Stacey Tarrant, Family Transition Place


Canadian Women In Aviation National Conference – June, 2013

Thank you for your presentation, Love at First Flight. This session contributed greatly to the success of the conference.

The 2013 CWIA Conference Team


Brampton Club Night – October, 2012

Thank you for coming to our Club Night and sharing your wonderful stories and aviation experience.

You are an inspiration to all of us here at the Brampton Flying Club. In particular, you are an inspiration to women in aviation. Your work is so important in attracting more women in to the industry at every level….More women are needed in management

and ownership roles and there is evidence to prove that in companies where women are most strongly represented at the Board or top management level are also the companies that perform the best. What is good for women is good for business!

Role models are essential. Keep up the good work Lesley!

Again, on behalf of the Brampton Flying Club, thank you so much for your contributions.


Julie Pomeroy,

General Manager,

Brampton Flight Centre



Zonta Kitchener-Waterloo members and guests were inspired by Lesley Page’s presentation “Life is too short to be a Passenger.”

Nancy from the Zonta Club of Kitchener-Waterloo, January, 2011