“E” is for “Experimental”

My husband, Jeff, had a pilot’s license when we got married but he wasn’t flying at the time. After food, mortgage, kids etc., there was no money left over for such frivolity.

Fast forward 20 years – house paid off, kids moved out = more disposable income. Jeff got back into flying; renting airplanes from the local fight school, but renting turned out to be a bit frustrating. Sometimes the airplane he liked was not available when he wanted it. Sometimes there was no airplane at all.

His solution? BUILD an airplane. That’s right…BUILD one! A full size, four seat airplane that we would eventually, (theoretically) fly in!

To be fair to Jeff, he is very smart and is good with his hands. He has built several very good quality items, including a cabinet for our TV and a free standing workshop at our cottage. Also, he is an electrical technologist, so he is very technical and mechanical.

But seriously, an airplane? Read more