Life is too Short to be a Passenger

In “Love at First Flight”, I described how much I enjoyed my first flight in a small airplane. I didn’t, however, describe my first landing in small airplane.

It was a bit traumatic. I had really enjoyed the flight. Except for the part right after we took off, when I looked down into someone’s backyard and felt dizzy… And the part where I felt sick as we were circling over the cottage… But I loved everything else!

Until the landing… Read more

Love at First Flight

April 9/05. My First Flight

“How Small and How Old?” brought us to the point where Jeff was explaining why we really could afford to buy an airplane (a small, old airplane). Apparently, we would be paying about the same as we had paid for the car that I had bought the previous year. I wasn’t sure this was really a fair comparison, as that car was new – the airplane wasn’t. I may have mentioned that it was a small, old airplane?

Then he helped me get over the scepticism of buying a small, old airplane by explaining all about the very stringent rules and regulations with respect to inspection and maintenance schedules for general aviation airplanes. After all, if you have a problem when you are flying, you can’t just pull off to the side of the road… Read more

How Small and How Old?

In “E is for Experimental” I explained how it came to be that my husband, Jeff, is building an airplane (yes, folks – BUILDING an airplane!). I was asked what “experimental” means as it relates to airplanes. Perhaps the Canadian moniker for this category of aircraft, “amateur-built”, describes it better. Simply put, it is an airplane that is not built in a certified factory (such as a Cessna is), but rather it is built by a person. Rest assured that it is inspected by Transport Canada to meet quality standards; however, when you fly in such an airplane, you need to trust the skills of the person who built it.  I was discussing this with someone who said to me “I wouldn’t fly in an airplane that my husband built” and I replied “Neither would I, but I would fly in one that my husband built”.

This is the story of how we came to be owners of a certified airplane, a Cessna 172.  Read more